In a common grocery bag in a corner of the garage, a bereaved husband discovers a trove of art and poems left behind by his beloved wife. Poem by poem, story by story, the treasure reveals a formerly hidden world of passion, wit, insight, and sorrow rendered beautiful by Lucille's deft hands.

Now for the first time, Lucille's work is uncovered in this luscious little volume, combining the post-humous discoveries with award-winning pieces previously published during her lifetime.

Roam high society in blue faded jeans, recline with rabbits in red pantaloons, or ruminate on a retro-active marriage to Robert Redford. If you've ever wondered where lost poems go, how the trapeze person keeps those purple patches on, or even who gets the dog, then come on in, it's Free on Sundays. Lucille will have you turning page after page and then starting back at the beginning again.

Tres elegant! Tres chic! I must have a peek!

Je suis fatigue du bon pain francais
You know what I said, "I'm tired of French bread!"
If I could return to twenty-three
would Robert Redford marry me?
Is there another possibility?
Do I dare to dream such dreams
at forty-three?