Mid-Life Crisis

If I could return to twenty-three,
    would Robert Redford marry me?

Would the world be more exciting
    if I had a different life
        than picking the part of a harried housewife?

Perhaps I’d be happier in a Lincoln
    than in a Ford;
        loving opera – not TV.
Or, would I be bored
    if I could return to twenty-three?

La Belle of Broadway is what I’d be,
    a Jung, Van Gogh or maybe Thoreau!
Inventor of night cream – Wrinkles Flee!
Fluent in French
    an Aphrodite…
        if I could return to twenty-three.

I should be content
    With the denouement of my dreams:
        one husband,
            three kids,
                a dog,
                    a cat, and a bird.

Or, is there another possibility?
Do I dare to dream such dreams
    at forty-three?