The Cosmo Life

Is it still possible for me
    To live the Cosmo life?
Live it up in the “fast lane…”
    Underalls to flatten my flaws
        and let me
            go as bare as I dare in black bikini underwear.

(I wonder if I could ever be
like that hussy on Page 33?)

luscious legs
doll-size waist….impeccable taste
bountiful bosom
lotus-petal hands
swanlike neck
whirly hips….sensuous finger tips
a taut little tush
    all dramatically draped and shaped
        in a one-shoulder, matte jersey dress
            with shirred front drooping to a split
                tulip hemline---
                    and rhinestones glittering in her ears!

(Oh, I carry too many years)

What about the zestiest gal in the zodiac?
Aquarius or Sagittarius?
Will they ever cease
    catering to their partners’ every caprice?
Leo or Scorpio?
    Your lovers need a country retreat
        to watch the daffodils unfold.
How Bold!

Could I be
    romantic and witchly intuitive?

(Hey, I’ve got a few years left to live!)

So I’ll just follow the columnists’ advice
Shape up those lips!
Work out those nails!
Tone up those eyes!

Of course I can live the Cosmo life
    I ’m just not sure it’s worth all the strife!