They say Iím mixed-up.
        Who did it?
My mother Ė my father?
        Who did it?
My role is confusing,
        it seems men Iím choosing.
What can I say,
        I ím gay!

My father was cold.
        He did it!
Away Ė too much work.
        He did it!
No male identification,
        no paternal obligation.
Donít get too near,
        I ím queer!

My mother was protective.
        She did it!
Too bored Ė too binding.
        She did it!
Emotions werenít growing,
        mentality just showing.
Give me a tag,
        Iím a fag!

My interests are tender.
        That did it!
My art Ė my music?
        That did it!
These pursuits are taboo,
        which could be a clue
Just as you feared,
        Iím weird!

Someday they will know
        what did it.
My genes Ė the environment?
        What did it!
We seek liberation
        from unjust discrimination.
See, itís too late
        to be straight!